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Saturday, August 28, 2010
It is technically Saturday. I've just come off an evening shift and am heading to bed but, as I plan to be offline for the weekend, I wanted to share a few blogs that I've been enjoying for awhile now. Maybe you'll find a quiet moment this weekend to check them out if you're not already familiar with them.

Alissa of 33 Shades of Green writes regularly and her blog is filled to overflowing with beautiful, simple, and truly inspirational things. From tutorials to remodeling to repurposing to cooking, you'll find yourself reading through page after page of previous posts until you find yourself at her very first blog post, disappointed that there are no more to read until she posts again.

Ann at A Holy Experience speaks to my soul and gently calls me back to my faith. Often, as I read a new post, I am moved to tears at the poetic beauty and simplicity with which she shares truths and lessons. I can't remember how I came across Ann's blog but it was a keeper from the first day.

Alison at Mama's Weeds makes me laugh. She is, in her words, a former Computer Programmer turned Stay-At-Home-Homeschooling-Mom. Alison blogs about her life, her running, her two adorable girls, and her journey to health and wellness.

Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things is mama to two beautiful little girls and also a bonus mom to her husband's sons. Kelle is a photographer and her blog posts are full of gorgeous shots of her family, her home, and her life. Kelle is always smiling and lives life to the fullest, truly enjoying the small things, not letting them be overshadowed.

These are just four of the blogs that I follow on a regular basis. What are four on your must-read list?


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