two things tuesday

Tuesday, August 24, 2010
I'm a little disappointed in relation to last week's Two Things Tuesday. I had said that I would get the rec room and sewing room in order and neither one is complete.

The rec room fared better than the sewing room but it still hosts a small pile of winter clothing that need to be donated as well as a cheap 2-cube shelving unit that needs to find a new home. I did tidy up and dust and hang a clock though somehow that doesn't ease my disappointment in myself.

The sewing room is the least done, being only about halfway finished. I got it into my head that I needed a short bookshelf to go under the window to hold the books and a few baskets of smaller items. I could use a bookshelf but the rest of the room doesn't depend on it and that is what I let myself think. The state of the room is overwhelming in a "where do I start?" sense and while, yes, moving the books from a few piles on the floor to a bookshelf would be a huge improvement, I could also move those books to a Rubbermaid tote and park it out of the room if that's what needs to be done for now. I did look at three different secondhand shops yesterday but didn't find a single bookshelf. I'll keep my eyes open.

In the meantime, I have two mornings and three full days off before next Tuesday. I refuse to post my self challenge a third time so I will hang my head in shame and then carry on and get both rooms finished by next week. In addition, I am going to add a third smaller challenge and that is to finally get the back entrance (a very small space) cleared up. This will involve moving things to the shed, putting tools away, and getting rid of a few things. The new-in-the-box toilet that has yet to be installed in my bathroom is given permission to stay; everything else will go.

Second time's a charm!


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