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Friday, August 27, 2010
The lovely Beth over at I Should Be Folding Laundry hosts a You Capture carnival each week, posting the theme on Thursdays. This week's theme, August 26 through September 1, is Outside. The rules for participating are simple and can be found in any of the weekly You Capture posts on Beth's blog.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here with a nearly cloudless brilliant blue sky. The sun is shining and the temperature is sitting around 20ºC, which is right in my range of I-wish-it-was-like-this-all-year temperatures. It's supposed to get to 23º today and I'm just sorry that I'll be napping for night shift and miss it. The forecast for the next few days is equally wonderful though so I'll just have to suck it up and wait for tomorrow. Tomorrow my son B and I have planned a rousing session of mini-putt (also known as mini golf, I believe).

I had a hard time choosing which photos to post so I've chosen nearly all of the shots. It makes for a picture-heavy post but they make me smile.

 Chrysanthemum-type Asters

unders (and other towel load items) soaking up the sun

"Garden T's" made by my 5-year-old "for vines to climb on"

San Marzano tomatoes ready to pick

 A little kiwi-sized canteloupe trying to beat the end of the growing season

My son's Morning Glory vine, of which he is exceptionally proud

My trusty watering can, ready for duty

And lastly, the place where all these photos were captured this morning, the place that makes me smile almost every time I look at it as I remember what it looked like when I moved in: my little backyard. I've added a table with umbrella and chairs to the brick patio (just visible in the lower right corner) and we've shared a few meals out there in the cool of the evening. There's no feeling quite like it, knowing that this is my place, my home.

Next week's challenge is going to be "mornings". Interested in participating in the You Capture blog carnival? For this week, head outside, snap a few pictures, post them on your blog or flickr page, and then go over to Beth's blog to include yourself via the McLinky tool.


  • Elizabeth

    My favs are the laundry and the watering can. Great job.

  • Renegades

    Love the photo of the clothes line. It's the one thing at our home we need to get up. I miss the smell of fresh sheets off the line!

  • Barbara

    Your picture are great!

    Very nice capture...

  • sdwaard

    I love the laundry shot! Makes me wish I had a line in my back yard. I also love the flower shots. Beautiful!

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