drowning in ideas

Friday, September 10, 2010
I have spent far too much time the last few days reading through incredible crafty blogs and I'm feeling deliciously overwhelmed with all the inspiration and amazing-ness out there in DIY world. I am a person who has a bit of a hard time taking a circular piece of corkboard, three nails, a piece of tinfoil, and a picture frame and, using only my own imagination and whimsy, turning it into a dining room centrepiece. Some people can do it though and do it amazingly well. Me, I borrow my imagination from other people for the most part. And that is why my bookmarks have grown like crazy over the past few days. I now have an almost unmanageable collection of tutorials and inspiration photos to sort through. Tutorials and photos including the following few:
All these potential projects combined with my huge itemized To Do list of things around the house will keep me busy (if I can stop procrastinating long enough to start) for the foreseeable future. And now that school is back on for another year, I have my weekday days off to myself again. Plenty of time for a few projects.


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