the great outdoors

Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Nature is amazing. Take the following two pictures, for example.

Such textures and patterns and intricate details. It makes me wonder just how the bark grows like that or if it grew relatively smoothly and then took on that pattern as the tree got older and the bark dried out. The roots blow my mind. It's so amazing to see them laying on the ground how they might appear underground, all intertwined and reaching and beautiful.

Monday afternoon, despite the humidity and relentless sun, we went to Pete's Dam in Dymond Township. As far as I can remember, the only other waterfall I've hiked near is the one here in our city, near the outskirts. I find waterfalls endlessly amazing: the way the rocks become shaped, the little pools and whorls, how the water can be rushing in one spot and two feet over be gently flowing along, and mostly the power and sound of the water as it goes on its way the same as it has seemingly always done.

Scenes like these make me wish I had learned how to shoot my camera off the auto settings. That needs to be something I learn to do this year. Nature is amazing and beautiful, awe-inspiring and humbling. I'd like to be able to better capture some of that without a little bit better.


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