menu plan monday: 06|09 to 12|09

Monday, September 6, 2010
Menu Plan Monday happens on, coincidentally, Mondays and it's time once again. This week only sees us having two supper meals at home due to my schedule but I'm including my work suppers here as well.

Here goes.

Monday: Honey-Baked Lentils over rice
Tuesday: tuna noodle casserole
Wednesday: Potato Leek Soup
Thursday: leftover lentils
Friday: leftover casserole
Saturday: massaged kale salad
Sunday: leftover soup

I have a bit of produce to pick up this week but other than that, all of our food should be coming from the fridge, freezer, and pantry. This week I'll also be making rice pudding and bread.

As always, head over to Laura's blog, I'm an Organizing Junkie, to check out other menu plans or to contribute your own.


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