menu plan monday: 11|10 to 17|10

Monday, October 11, 2010
This will hopefully be the last week in which Menu Plan Monday is the only post. Posting our menu here makes it handy for me to refer back rather than writing it down and having to look the recipes up.


This week I have half a small smoked ham to use up, a couple of night shifts at work, and a Thanksgiving dinner at my mom's. Meals will be relatively simple fare.

Monday: Thanksgiving family dinner at mom's
Tuesday: ham and apple grilled cheese sandwiches
Wednesday: butternut squash soup
leftover tuna noodle casserole
Friday: leftover soup
Saturday: Baked Chicken and Acorn Squash
Sunday: Ham Stew

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadians! Check out Laura's blog for more meal plans and recipes.


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