Saturday, October 23, 2010
Cuteness overload today. I've been sewing! I've been wanting to start on this for awhile but told myself that I had to get my sewing room in better shape first. It's not quite perfect yet but it is a FAR cry from what it was. So on to the pictures...

Diaper fluff! This is the free newborn pattern (this is a pdf file) by Amber of Darling Diapers. So soft and squishy! This particular diaper has a velour outer, an internal body layer of hemp fleece, and an inner layer (next-to-baby) of baby terry.

The snap in soaker is two layers of thick diaper flannel, a layer of BKT (burley knit terry), and topped with a layer of velour. Ignore the markings; that is washable Crayola marker that I used to  trace the pattern and to mark the elastic and snap placement.

It has the option of snapping down the centre front to accomodate the umbilical cord stump. It also has an adjustable rise in the form of two rows of snaps.

I have a boy diaper sewn up too, however I finished it this evening and I'll need to wait for daylight to get decent shots. It's from the same pattern. Same layers as well, just different fabric and different coloured snaps.


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