two things tuesday

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
What's on the list for this week? Nothing huge. If the truth be told, I'm still not completely done from last week (which carried over from the week before). Where's the bag-over-head emoticon?

This week, until I go to bed on Monday night, my challenge is going to be
  1. To finish sawing the grout out of my bathroom floor tiles so I can re-grout. The floor had a dark brown grout on light tiles and it just doesn't work with the bathroom anymore since it (still in progress) went from completely tiled to drywalled. The grout is also old and dried out and the colour is patchy in places. Time for a change.
  2. Find five pictures on my harddrive that I want to hang in my house, get them ready (Photoshop if need be) for printing, and then printed them out. Bonus points if I get them framed as well.
Happy Tuesday!


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