thursday harvest

Thursday, August 12, 2010
I planted my little gardens later than usual this year because I spent so long deciding if I was going to plant at all. I'm glad I decided to do it. Days like this (and every other day, really), when I look out at my gardens and see them in all their healthy greenery, fill me with pride, with a sense of "I did that!"

Today's harvest brought in just enough for this small family - a medium-sized zucchini, four cherry tomatoes (one picked a little too early) with plenty more ripening on the plant, two heirloom Cincinnati Market radishes, a mix of sugar and Amish Snap peas, a single cucumber, green beans, and some heirloom Dragon Tongue beans which will apparently lose the purple upon steaming or otherwise cooking.

The Dragon Tongues are too pretty not to show closer up.

The zucchini will become a quinoa-stuffed zucchini will become a late supper for my boyfriend and I tonight served with the Dragon Tongue beans and a salad of green leaf lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber, and a light vinagrette. I'm using a combination of these two recipes: one by Dayna of Vegan Visitor and the other by Emily of the Front Burner.

What's in your garden?


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