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Tuesday, August 10, 2010
Tuesday seems like a good day to make some  changes. Monday puts on too much pressure and Friday leaves too little time, consequently putting on pressure as well. Tuesday is perfect. Today's short and sweet post is brought to you by the very first edition of Two Things Tuesday.

This week, I am going to implement two changes in my daily routine.
  1. I am going to start meal planning again and will base my grocery shopping on the meals I plan to make during the week instead of the other way around (shopping and then figuring out what to eat). As I will only be planning out suppers, there will be some groceries purchased that are not intended for a specific recipe, namely fruit. I am also going to reduce the amount of fruit purchased. I often buy whole bags of apples (which keep fine in the fridge), whole bunches of bananas (which often end up in the freezer), too many kiwis and tomatoes and pears and peaches, etc. My freezer is full to overflowing with extra fruit which could not be eaten in time. Buying only four bananas (for example) and three peaches will hopefully  help us to eat what we have without having to freeze it.
  2. On my days off this week (Wednesday through Friday), I am going to be up and at it (dressed, hair washed, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed) and ready to go before 9 a.m. Too often, I get my son ready and then I stay in comfort mode for several more hours. The rule for him is "breakfast, teeth, clothes, and then you can play" and I need something very similar for myself.
Pretty simple challenges for this week, it would seem, but I think they might give me a bit of a run. Even the simplest changes are sometimes a little tricky to establish.


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