orange you glad?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
On my counter sit three lonely oranges, slowly shriveling up and getting soft.

Nestled in a cool metal twig-ish bowl right next to an overly ripe banana.

After the success of Monday's Carrot Wheat Kaiser Buns and the recent acquisition of some new loaf pans (metal though; I prefer glass), these guys have been calling my name. So I've been hunting down some orange-infused baking recipes. Quick bread? Orange Bread from the trusty Simply Recipes. Yeast bread? Orange Yeast Bread all the way from New Mexico. Orange Cinnamon Rolls, Cinnamon Swirl Orange Bread, Orange Blueberry Bread, Apricot Orange Bread, Granola Orange Bread, Orange Oatmeal Bread... What's a girl to choose?

As tonight's chicken sits in the crockpot awaiting just the right moment for it to be turned on, I sit here in my pajamas, baby sleeping upstairs and bedhead begging to be washed out, waffling on which recipe to make. (Orange waffles!) Because if I don't start now/soon, the day slips away. Funny how it does that when I have to stop for 15 to 45 minutes every couple of hours to feed the baby. Not to mention the diapering and just the general babygirl interactions.

Hair! Clothes! Dishes! Chicken! Laundry! Baking!! Budgeting. And then all the rest of the things that need to be done.


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