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Tuesday, October 11, 2011
I'm not a fan of sneaking vegetables and legumes into recipes in an attempt to disguise them but I do like adding in extra veggies. Spinach in rice pilaf or marinara sauce. Lentils in turkey sloppy joes. Celery in salmon patties. Clearly visible added nutrition and colour.

Monday night I tried out a new recipe. Two new ones, actually. In the past I've made sloppy joes with a mix of ground turkey and small brown/green lentils. I decided to try red lentils despite the fact that my only other experience with them resulted in an unappetizing mush. And seeing as I was all out of ground turkey (I switched from ground beef a few years ago and have never looked back), these sloppy joes were aaalll lentil. Onion, celery, and bell pepper made up the veggies in that dish and finely grated carrot stood alone as the vegetable in the kaiser bun recipe I used. They were very good, I thought. Brushed lightly with butter after coming out of the oven, they were moist and chewy in all the right ways.

waiting for the oven to heat up. so proud of my shaping.

risen and ready to bake. nope, that's not cheese.

I'm thinking that next time I make them, I'll either make smaller kaisers (the recipe makes four) or double the recipe.

Now what to make that will use up the remaining grated carrot?


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