two things tuesday

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
It's the second edition of Two Things Tuesday and as it lends itself well to a short post, it works out perfectly because I'm heading out the door to work.

This week, I have two tasks that I've been avoiding for no other reason that they take time and more effort than I have felt like exerting. In addition to continuing to do the two things from last week, I am doing to tackle the following two jobs.
  1.  I am going to get the sewing room in order. This is a main floor bedroom-sized room which was conveniently used three years ago, when I was first moving in, to house all the boxes and piles of things that weren't needed immediately. It was convenient to toss them all in this room and close the door (equipped with a cover on the doorknob that my then toddler couldn't open), keeping them out of sight. The problem was that they never really got taken care of and though the piles and boxes from moving have dwindled over the years, they've been replaced with other piles. The room has been re-arranged a few times and everything seems to just get moved around and not really put away or, what really needs to be done, disposed of. I plan to be ruthless this week. I am off for six days after tonight's shift, including four days where my son will be at a 9 - 4 daycamp, and I plan to go in with a box and a garbage bag and let loose. I figure if there are things in there that I haven't needed or really used in three, two, or even one year (and hey, even six months for some things) then out they go. Some obviously, like fabric and notions that I haven't actually been able to get to, will stay. Wish me luck!
  2. The second job to tackle will be the rec room. It's small but cluttered, again, with things that are just out of their place. I need to put away the remaining clothes in the suitcase my son used in mid-July to go to an aunt's cottage for a week; I need to put away the piles of winter clothing that don't fit in our drawers; I need to get my boyfriend to take my treadmill over to his place like he's been planning for months; and I need to make the space a more inviting place to be. I'd like to put a clock on the wall,and a picture or two up as well.
Two room tackles, five days left in which to do it. It'll be tough (motivation is the biggest hinderance) but I can do it. I may even take before and after pictures to post at the end of the week.

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