Tuesday, May 17, 2011
As the week marches on towards my due date next Tuesday and as I was sitting in front of the shredder with a box full of papers and waiting on the shredder to cool down enough to be run again, the parcel delivery guy pulled up in front of the house. I'm expecting a woven wrap (for babywearing) to arrive as well as a couple of other things so I met him at the door. He handed me a small box and though one of the items I'm expecting (empty pill capsules) will be fairly small, this did not look like it had shipped from across the border. I brought the box in, opened it up, read the first line of the enclosed note, and started to get tears welling up.

I belong to an amazing message board (Diaper Sewing Divas, linked in the sidebar) full of amazing women. One of the things that these women regularly do is send out small but meaningful gifts as a random act of kindness. We call it being FOM'd, in which FOM stands for Fairy Odd Mother. A few days ago, I had replied to a message in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum in regards to a couple of Snappis being offered free for shipping. Enclosed in this box was indeed a Snappi but also included were several diapers and a diaper cover.

Clockwise from the top is a bamboo velour pre-fold, a Katrina diaper cover with PUL body and fleece bands, the Snappi, a Pea Pods fitted diaper, a Hippy Hippy Snap fitted (I've been wanting to make one as I've heard they're very trim), and a prefold-turned-fitted diaper. I can't wait to use these on the Bean!


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